Aimee Coates, Tasting Room on Seneca Lake

Aimee CoatesI was born and raised in Fairfield, CT. And grew up at Jennings Beach, swimming in the ocean and soaking up the sun. I started cooking at 9, when I would rush home from school to watch Julia Child. I realized that food made people happy, but only if you did it right. God bless my wonderful Father who tried every cake and cookie, every meatloaf and au gratin potato recipe that I had scribbled down from that days show. And he would always exclaim “this is delicious!”. Even when I made a cake with vinegar instead of apple cider, simply asking “is it suppose to be…...sour?” I moved to Dundee, NY in the Spring of 1996. With 3 kids under the age of 8 and a job at Hobart & William Smith Colleges as a food service manager. I thought the Spring would be a great time to start this job. Kids graduated a couple weeks after I got there and then what? A quiet summer with a couple of lacrosse camps in for lunch? Not quite! There were hundreds of buffets and receptions to set up for commencement, just to go back and tear the whole thing down a little while later (usually in the rain). Fast paced doesn’t even begin to describe it. I was totally immersed in the food with a thousand people to feed breakfast, lunch and dinner. I loved every minute of it! But the long hours meant that I missed lots of school plays and girl scout troop bake sales, not to mention skinned knees and water balloon fights. So in 2001 I took a full time job at a small, family owned winery on Seneca Lake. Much closer to home and 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. Yea! I got to spend time with my kids while exploring all the wonderful ways wine & food make us happy and healthy. And in 2012, I joined the team at Heron Hill on Seneca. With Steve & Pam, I was instantly at home. Friendly and warm they are a group of people that I am happy and proud to work with and now privileged to call my friends. On any busy Saturday you will find us laughing with customers as if they were old friends. It’s a place you can relax, learn (if you want) and enjoy wonderful wine with friendly people. I love coming to work every day and I know how lucky I am.

(607) 243-7109