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Aries Syrah

Sun Moon Rising

Aries Syrah
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Aries -March 21-April 19

Intuitive, bold and humorous, those born under Aries are highly perceptive, observe everything and confidently express their opinions. Innovative and fearless, they are natural and respected leaders. This cardinal sign comes first in the zodiac cycle, giving Aries their strong ambition. Restless and poetically introspective, this Fire sign is as complex as a spicy and full-bodied Syrah. With an aroma of cloves, black pepper and raspberry jam, it is striking and warm. This wine complements brave Aries, who fiercely defend those they care for. Tart with bright acidity, Aries are intricate and direct, like the prominent taste of a Syrah.


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Non Vintage
New York
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Product Reviews

Michael Bohlsen's Gravatar
Michael Bohlsen
(Apr 19, 2023 at 4:07 PM)
I love wine from NY State & this wine delivered! As an Aries, I feel empowered when drinking it (disclaimer: I feel empowered when drinking any wine, so take this with a grain of salt!)

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