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Cancer Still Rosé

Sun Moon Rising

Cancer Still Rosé
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Cancer - June 21-July 22

Caring, outgoing and determined, Cancers commit themselves fully to every task they take on. Highly intuitive, those born under this Water sign are attuned to the feelings of others and always seem to know exactly what to say or do. In moments of stress or panic, they can be relied on to bring calm and strength. Rosé is a dry summer wine to be enjoyed in the sun and in the company of others. With tastes of strawberry, raspberry and watermelon, it is refreshing and delightfully drinkable. Cancers are equally energizing and easygoing, giving those around them warmth and personal attention. Both Rosé and Cancers are direct, true to themselves, and feel like home.

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Wine Specs
Cabernet Franc
Finger Lakes
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