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Steve & Pam Acker
October 22, 2009 | Steve & Pam Acker

Transition into fall with this recipe for Choucroute

By Steve & Pam Acker, Managers at the Seneca Lake Tasting Room

The last thing we remember at the end of August was looking forward to fall, harvest time and anticipating many busy days in the tasting room. Since then, we’ve said good-bye to many of our neighbors who have shuttered their lake homes and headed south, loading their cars with ample supplies of Heron Hill wines for the months to come.

The blur that was September and October brought all that we thought it would…along with some pleasant additions. The long awaited outside tasting bar was a great success. For the few truly beautiful afternoons that this autumn held, guests were eager to enjoy their wine sampling al fresco, basking in the sun and enjoying the view of the rolling farmland. We shared many stories, recipes and of course many conversations about wine while they sipped and sampled the best that Heron Hill has to offer.

As we transitioned from fruity summer blush and light crisp Chardonnay to soul warming reds, the release of the 2007 Reserve Pinot Noir couldn’t have been better timed. What a pleasure it has been to pour that wine and the customer response has been so exciting! Of course Riesling goes with everything and I can’t wait to whip up my first Choucroute of the season where I will use the 2006 Ingle Vineyard Riesling both as an ingredient and an accompaniment. Yum. (Light a fire, grab a book and pour a glass of wine while it simmers away, the recipe follows.)

It has been a great season and the crew here on Seneca has enjoyed meeting and serving so many wonderful guests. We are still open daily and look forward to seeing you as the holidays approach, and are always eager to assist with your wine needs and food pairing questions.

CHOUCROUTE (pork and sausage with sauerkraut)

1 tablespoon olive oil
1 large onion coarsely chopped
2 cloves garlic minced
1 small apple cored and sliced
2 pounds sauerkraut rinsed and drained (fresh or in glass jars, not canned)
1 cup 2006 Ingle Vineyard Riesling
1 cup chicken stock
2 pounds country style ribs
2 pounds sausage (best with fresh Polish sausage like Kielbasa or a light garlic sausage)

Heat a 6 to 8 quart enameled cast-iron casserole (do not use aluminum or black iron) and warm the olive oil. Lightly brown the spare ribs and remove from pot. Add the onions and garlic and lightly sauté. Add the apples, sauerkraut, wine and stock and lightly stir to combine. Top the mixture with the spare ribs, add a pinch of freshly ground black pepper and cover. Place casserole in a 350 degree oven for 1 hour. Add the sausages and return to oven for an additional 40 minutes or until meat is falling off the bone and sausage is cooked through. Wonderful served on a family style platter with mashed potatoes on the side. Enjoy!

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Christina Bowe
October 6, 2009 | Christina Bowe

Kitty Cats in the Catskills

By Christina Bowe, Wholesale Sales Manager

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to travel to the Catskills to present wines to stores and restaurants in that area. The scenery was amazing and the leaves were beginning to change. Each winding road had scenery and the climb up and down the mountains was stunning with a little town nestled around each turn. Just when I thought we were beyond civilization, we happened upon the town of Catskill established in 1788.

Our first stop in this quaint little town was Bell’s Café, which I understand has been a long-standing establishment on Main Street, Catskill. While I was there, a woman and her young daughter came in to see what kind of changes had been made. She had frequented Bell’s when she was a girl and wanted her daughter to have the same experience.

The owners Yael and Keith were fantastic. The cuisine is Israel/American food. Unfortunately, it was a little early for lunch, but the smells coming out of the kitchen were incredible. The lunch menu appetizers consisted of duck ravioli with pesto sauce and roasted eggplant with tahini. Lunches also included interesting salads, paninis and burgers. The dinner fare was equally exciting with panko encrusted lamb and Moroccan-style spicy shrimp.

Yael and Keith are committed to local products and being creative with the bounty from the local harvest. Because of Heron Hill’s commitment to this style of living, we all had a lot to talk about and I hope I did not overstay my visit. They were currently carrying out Semi-Dry Riesling and have brought in the Unoaked Chardonnay and Vidal Blanc. Their wine list is very eclectic and Heron Hill is proud to be present.

Before entering Bell’s I noticed a row of colorful cats on pedestals lining the street of antique shops, boutiques and galleries. I asked Amber Dennis, my wholesale representative from Southern Wine and Spirits, what the meaning of all these beautiful cats that made me want to stop my day and spend the afternoon prowling about these imaginative kitties.

This years Quadricentennial Celebration of Henry Hudson’s discovery of the beautiful Delaware river; the Catskill Cats will be decorated in themes depicting the wonder of this great valley they call home. Sixty painted fiberglass felines will be sCATered along the historic Main Street in the Village of Catskill for this summer-long celebration.

On October 4th, all of the cats were auctioned to be adopted into permanent homes, something I wish I could have returned to do.
The rest of my visit was wonderful, exposing Finger Lakes wines to the area stores and restaurants. The Finger Lakes is a relatively unknown wine region in this area and I get sincere gratification when I see the simple smile on their faces and the nods of their heads indicating that “Yes, the Finger Lakes makes some exceptional wines.” 

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John Ingle
September 30, 2009 | John Ingle

Ingle Vineyard Harvest Update

By John Ingle, Winery Owner

Fall is my favorite season. I love the peace of winter, the promise of spring, the activity of summer, but the bounty of the harvest is what makes Autumn so rewarding. When you throw in the beautiful colors, the crisp air and all the food from the garden and it’s a soul-satisfying time of year. Right now we’re eating sweet, fragrant melons, plum cabbages, nutty winter squash, apples and seedless grapes.

All the planning last winter, the planting last spring, the hoeing and mulching this summer pays off in fruits and vegetables to freeze, store and eat fresh. Going into October we’re focused on the harvest in the vineyard as well. Slowly, day-by-day, the brix (sugar level) increases and we taste the berries for signs of maturation. It’s a waiting game, greatly influenced by Mother Nature, requiring patience and a positive attitude.

Right now it appears that Pinot Noir will be picked first – they look clean and ripe but need another week. The bees like Pinot Noir and cause more damage than one would imagine. Next will be Chardonnay, already turning gold and plump – a tougher grape that can take some rain or cold if need be. Later in the season, the Cabernet Franc which is very slow to turn blue and ripen this year will be picked and finally our beloved Riesling. It will probably be November before the Riesling is ready to go. We also have plans to make Icewine so this will be a long, busy, patient fall.

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Tambi Schweizer
September 23, 2009 | Tambi Schweizer

Events at the winery and Reserve notes

By Tambi Schweizer, Tasting Hall Manager

Well, it has been great summer, full of lots of free live music on the Blue Heron Café terrace. This past weekend we had Brett Beardslee, a local musician from Hector, NY (East side of Seneca Lake), he was fantastic, singing some of his own tunes while also playing a few of the standard classics! Brett was the talk of the day on Saturday with his amazing 1958 Volkswagen van with the most astonishing paint job!

While Brett was here he had a glass of our newly released Pinot Noir Reserve. (Can you see wine in the photo?) The 2007 Pinot Noir Reserve is a medium to fuller bodied cold weather Pinot Noir. Our Reserve Pinot Noir is gracefully silky with a bright raspberry with a touch of tobacco mid-palette earthiness, finishing with rich raspberry fullness. The crimson color emphasizes aromas of cherry and raspberry, which combines well with the soft touches of oak. This Pinot Noir Reserve tends to be fuller in alcohol, fairly soft in feel and has a light smoke from the barrel. The soft tannins of this Pinot Noir Reserve make this wine a very sleek smooth easy drinking wine that goes well with meats with some degree of fattiness, especially with a twist of pepper accompanied by slightly bitter vegetables on the side. Smoke wood roasted braised beef, lamb and pork are excellent main courses. Another main dish that works excellent is a roasted turkey topped with a cherry salsa.

Another new release that is coming out soon is the much anticipated Pinot Blanc Reserve. This Unoaked Pinot Blanc is energetic and lively with an intense pear aroma, finishing with slight green apple fruitiness. This 2008 vintage release has a great mouthwatering lemongrass and grapefruit tartness that gives it a long refreshing finish. The Pinot Blanc is excellent as an aperitif served with something small to eat, such as creamy dips, crackers & vintage cheeses served with various kinds of finger foods. The vibrant mineral flavors of the Pinot Blanc are enhanced when paired with turkey and chicken dinners.

With these Reserve wines, we only release a very limited amount of cases, anywhere from 100 to 450 cases per release. The Reserve wines are wines that have come from a specific lot of grapes that are of a higher quality than usual, usually only made in a year that had an incredible growing season. Traditionally winemakers would "reserve" some of their best wine rather than sell it immediately, coining the term. Reserve is meant to indicate that the wine is special and has a different unique flavor and a longer aging potential.

We are finally relaxing after the Keuka Lake Wine Trail event that happened this past weekend (Sept 19th & 20th). The Harvest Tour of Food and Wine was an experience of incomparable beauty of the fall season with locally grown foods bursting with the flavors of harvest time in the heart of the Finger Lakes. Almost a 1000 people tasted the exquisite wines of Keuka Lake and sampled dishes prepared from the finest locally produced foods. It was a great celebration of New York's agricultural heartland, an experience that certainly delighted the tastes, pleased the eyes and warmed the soul. Here at Heron Hill, we featured our Classic Heron Hill Pinot Noir with a Garden Harvest Frittata with an Apple and Pear Chutney. The Classic Pinot Noir is lively and exciting, with rich ripe red cherry and raspberries on the nose. This crisp, textured Pinot is accented by an earthy flavor that runs through the pallet. Soft and supple tannins finish this bright, fruit-driven wine. If you missed the Keuka Lake Harvest Tour of Food & Wine, please check out the Keuka Wine Trail website for our last event of the season, the Keuka Holidays Wine Tour. You can ring in the holiday season in vintage form at one of our Keuka Holidays weekends...every year a sell-out! Each winery offers delicious hardy winter foods along with their finest wines. Ticket holders receive a handmade grapevine wreath at their starting winery and collect a Christmas ornament at every winery. The wineries will have holiday decorations and the gift shops will be stocked with unique and local items perfect for almost anyone on your shopping list. Join the fun! Tickets are $35 per person or $55 per couple and they are available as Advance sale only!

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Steve & Pam Acker
August 19, 2009 | Steve & Pam Acker

What to eat and drink in the summer

By Steve & Pam Acker, Managers at the Seneca Lake Tasting Room

Summer on Seneca has brought many pleasures in the form of welcoming new visitors to our tasting room, reconnecting with old friends and neighbors, and of course entertaining with wonderful food and wines from our area. Weekends are fun and busy with mid-week the best time for a visit if a slower pace is what you enjoy. The cool rainy start has given way to the hot, hazy days of August and this has a definite impact of what we eat and drink.

We are frequently asked for advice in pairing wines to a menu or occasion and are eager to help. The bounty at the local farm stands is exceptional this time of year and offers the opportunity to explore some interesting recipes with wine compatibility. One of our favorites is a fresh mixed green salad with roasted baby beets and local goat feta dressed with a delicate balsamic vinaigrette. I often serve this first course with the Ingle Vineyard Riesling 2006. The light citrus fruit and crisp finish of this wine make it a summer favorite.

The release of our new Game Bird Blush also timed perfectly with the warmer weather. It’s a terrific “picnic pink” whose bright fruitiness just begs for grilled veggies, chicken or just sipping during a lazy loll in the hammock!

As the summer winds down our season cranks up. We anticipate a very busy fall and have a few surprises up our sleeves. We recently welcomed Staci to the team here on Seneca. She, along with the rest of our seasoned staff, will be happy to assist you in the retail wine and gift shop and hope to make your visit fun and interesting. We are also looking forward to “Ron” and his roving hot dog cart (aka The Dog Haus) arriving in September along with some Saturday music on the patio. Stay tuned for details and be sure to come by and check us out. Thanks for a great summer and we hope to see you soon!

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Christina Bowe
August 4, 2009 | Christina Bowe

106th Annual National League of Postmasters Conference

By Christina Bowe, Wholesale Sales Manager

The summer is jam-packed with events, and the State is all “abuzz” about NY wines. Having joined Heron Hill over 15 years ago, you would be amazed that in the beginning many people did not know about Finger Lakes Wines, let alone that Heron Hill was right in their backyard. With all wineries working as a team to make New York State’s wines notable, that is no longer the case. On a daily basis there are great opportunities presented to me; it is deciding which ones to select.

Recently, I received a call from an organizer out of Buffalo, New York who was putting together an event for the 106th Annual National League of Postmasters Conference at the Adams Mark in downtown Buffalo. The theme of the event was all that NY had to offer. The diversity of the City and why Buffalo is a great place to visit. Heron Hill was exclusively selected as representing the NY wine industry.

The organizer, John Dubreville, Director of Sales for Hale Northeastern, had visited the winery and was taken back by the experience and the quality of Heron Hill Wines. His vision was to have the guests coming to the conference to experience it as well. The beauty of the winery and the excellent staff at the winery made it memorable for him and when this opportunity arose, he thought of Heron Hill.

The conference itself was unbelievable. I had the pleasure of being in attendance of the opening dinner on August 3rd. People from all over the country from Oregon to Maine attended with their families. Many of guests had the opportunity to travel North and South of the city and were amazed at the amount of vineyards along the highways. Many people from far away states have the misnomer that New York State is like New York City. Heron Hill was a BIG hit and many of them wanted to visit prior to going home. Unfortunately, the 2.5 hour drive from Buffalo did not fit their agenda.

There were four stations of food, Italian, Polish, Chinese, and, of course, ALL Buffalo with Beef on Wick and world famous Buffalo Chicken Wings. A Grammy-nominated Polka Band played throughout the evening at the Polish Bar, Italian singer at the Italian gondola and the first woman to go over Niagara Falls (and live) at the ALL Buffalo bar.

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John Ingle
July 15, 2009 | John Ingle

We are one of the "most spectacular tasting rooms in the world"!

There’s some big news here at Heron Hill Winery. We are thrilled to be named as one of the 10 Most Spectacular Tasting Rooms in the World by Travel + Leisure Magazine! Only two were listed in the US: Heron Hill and Opus One in CA. This is a feather in the cap of the Finger Lakes region and an honor for all of us at the winery. I called the architect and builder and congratulated them on the big news this morning, Charles Warren of NYC was the architect and Chrisanntha Construction Coorporation was the contractor. Cheers to you both!

A big part of our vision for Heron Hill Winery is sunshine, music and being able to enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace. The sunshine we’re working on, the glass of wine we’ve got nailed and the music – that is a key ingredient to any and all Ingle activities. There is a lot going on with Heron Hill and music this summer. There's free, live music every Saturday for Tunes on the Terrace from 12:30 - 4:30. Some greats are playing like PJ Elliott, Brett Beardslee and Bill Brown.

Jo and I have both loved music all our lives, Jo is from Motown, need I say more? I love all kinds of music and have followed “Wilmer and the Dukes”, Rochester’s #1 soul music band through high school and college. We met at the University of Denver when we were youngsters and when I found out that Jo had heard of the Dukes, I knew I had found someone special.

In the past several years the winery has sponsored the Doobie Brothers, Susan Tedeschi, Bob Weir, The Rochester Jazz Festival, Rochester Summerfest and many other music extravaganzas. This year we’re proud to sponsor the music and entertainment tent at the 1st Finger Lakes Riesling Festival in Canandaigua this August 15th and 16th. Some of the bands that will be playing are Shama Lama, Blues Family Show Band, Wild Nik West, Campbell Brothers and Nik and the Nice Guys. We are also sponsoring the RPO ROCks beer and wine tasting event with the The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra this July 24th and 25th in Rochester, NY. The RPO is going to be playing Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, my kind of music!

The highlight of every summer though, is relaxing in the afternoon sitting on the terrace in the sunshine, enjoying a glass of crisp, zestful Riesling and savoring the sounds of one of our great local bands. Be it rock, blues, country or jazz, it soothes the soul and puts a smile on your face. Take some time to visit our “spectacular tasting room” to taste some of our wines and enjoy our local musicians. It’s the simple things in life that please the most and I’ve found one or is that three or four?

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Tambi Schweizer
July 9, 2009 | Tambi Schweizer

I've been painting for a month straight!

By Tambi Schweizer, Tasting Hall Manager

WOW…we have been very... busy... busy... busy... here at the winery. We have had a record number of guests here at the facility, I’m so glad that I am finally able to stay at the tasting bar. I love meeting and talking to all the unique people that I get to meet. Just this past week I met a great couple from Pennsylvania; we ended up having so much in common, while talking wine we had a great conversation about all the similar concerts that we had been to in the past few months! (The Grateful Dead Reunion tour, Jimmy Buffet etc…!) It blew my mind how many similar places we had been to. I guess you ever know….!!!

At the winery we have three large pieces of artwork on display that I have produced over the past few months for local benefits. The first piece that is up for auction on Sunday July 12th is the Yates County ARC “Chair-ish Keuka Lake” Adirondack Chair Gala Auction. I donated my artistic talent and time to create a piece to benefit the Yates county A.R.C. (not-for-profit agency with a commitment to provide services to persons with developmental disabilities.) My inspiration for the chair “Hosta”, came from all the plants that grow in abundance in my backyard. They were just coming up in my backyard as I set out all my painting supplies getting ready to paint the chair. So for all you Hosta lovers don’t forget the auction event, wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres on July 12th.

The second large piece of artwork that I finished was my palette for the “Palettes of Keuka”. Heron Hill has sponsored the creation of my painting on a large "Artist's Palette". These palettes will then be displayed outdoors at the winery throughout the summer months from now until August 29th. A map is available that shows where each palette is displayed. The event will close with an auction in Hammondsport. They will all be auctioned off to the highest bidders and proceeds as well as other funds generated by this event will be used to support the arts in and around the area. My palette is actually a double side painting! The first side has two large sunflowers in close-up detail. The second side has sort of a white/light purple fantasy flower with a dark green and black background, finished with a cool splatter detail…very trendy! The auction will be held on the square in Hammondsport on the 29th of August! Be sure to be there to support the local arts in the community.

The third piece of artwork that I just finished was the “Painted Barrel” for Finger Lakes Wine Country. If you like under water scenes you are going to love my barrel, titled, “Underwater Fantasy”. I have incorporated many fantasy fish, with a giant squid which is my favorite animal on the barrel. The barrel would look great in an underwater themed children’s room or playroom. The painted barrels are for an online auction that Finger Lakes Wine Country Tourism & Marketing Association is proudly holding from July 3 - October 11, 2009. This regional art exhibit will take place throughout the Finger Lakes and feature painted barrels on display at over 30 wineries and area attractions. All of the barrels will be painted by Finger Lakes artists and showcasing the beauty of the Finger Lakes. Visitors to the Finger Lakes during the exhibit will be able tour the region and stop at the wineries and attractions featuring the painted barrels. There is no cost to view the barrels on display at each venue during regular operating hours. Each painted barrel is available for purchase through a silent auction on their website. Minimum bids start at $100 per barrel; the auction has begun now and will continue until October 11, 2009 at 5:00 PM EST. The proceeds of each barrel are equally divided between the local artists and Finger Lakes Wine Country Tourism Marketing Association.

Finally for all the “Techie” gadget folks out there… I have tried a great new product that we carry in the gift shop, the “Vinoglobe”! The best thing about the “Vinoglobe” is the ability to prevent drips from happening when you are pouring wine. I tried the Vinoglobe with our newest release of the 2005 Eclipse Red wine since it is a wine that when first poured is very closed up and has an immense oak aroma. The new 2005 release is very full-bodied and needs some aeration to really be able to taste the great fullness of the wine. The “Vinoglobe” really helped with the aeration of the wine, they are available at our gift shop for $14.99. It is a cool self attached decanter that seems to work very well with full-bodied dry reds that seem to be a little closed up upon opening. It even pours quickly so that is a great bonus for when you are very thirsty, as I occasionally am after a long day at the winery; I need that glass of wine at 5:00!

Stop by the tasting bar, visit, chat and support all my local artwork that is going to be auctioned off to help benefit the Finger Lakes. Be sure to pass this blog onto all your art and wine friends!

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Steve & Pam Acker
June 9, 2009 | Steve & Pam Acker

A great way to enjoy Semi-Sweet Riesling - Sangria!

By Steve & Pam Acker, Managers at the Seneca Lake Tasting Room

Hello again from Steve and Pam at the Seneca Lake tasting room of Heron Hill Winery! The soft scents and gentle warmth of early June beckon us to linger outside just a bit longer. That calls for a glass of Heron Hill Classic Semi-Dry Riesling 2007 on the porch, deck or dock as evening falls.

We welcome back all our good neighbors who have returned for the season to once again enjoy the very special feeling of summer on Seneca. Open daily to serve you, we will be adding a new tasting bar to the patio for those great early summer days when you just don’t want to come inside. If you have friends visiting from out of town (and who living on the lake doesn’t!!!) we invite you to bring them by for a taste and let them experience our award winning wines and the truly unique flavor of the lakes. Then take home a favorite bottle or two to share over dinner and you have an instant party. Check out our gift shop that features many locally produced products that pair beautifully with our wines.

Our event tent will be arriving shortly to accommodate larger tasting groups. Please call ahead if you are planning a group visit of 10 or more so we may better serve you.

Whether you are an avid fisherman, golfer, gardener or beach bum, summer calls for getting together with friends and family for food and fun. As the weather warms and barbeques and picnics become the menu of choice, remember that a well-chilled bottle of your favorite Heron Hill wine is the perfect accompaniment. Pair grilled shrimp or chicken with a fruity white such as our Eclipse White 2006, a warm weather favorite or the crisp refreshing Classic Chardonnay 2007. Try ribs with a Riesling of your choice. For an afternoon event, keep things light with a flavorful White Wine Summer Sangria made with our Classic Semi-Sweet Riesling 2007. The recipe follows.

No matter the season, day of the week or the menu choice, a glass of wine makes an ordinary day a little more fun and festive. We are happy to share some of our food and wine pairings with you and also love to hear some of your own favorites. If you like the idea of hosting your own wine tasting party for some friends, we can help with that as well.

We hope to see you soon at our tasting room and retail shop on Seneca Lake. In the meantime enjoy the upcoming lazy, hazy days of summer with some friends and a glass of Heron Hill wine. We will be!

3-Bottles Heron Hill Semi-Sweet Riesling 2007 well chilled
1-litre bottle lemon-lime seltzer
¾ cup orange liqueur (optional)
¾ cup orange juice
Cranberry juice
1-each lemon, lime and orange thinly sliced

Freeze cranberry juice in two ice cube trays several hours before serving. Keep all other ingredients well chilled. In a large pitcher or punch bowl combine wine, liqueur (if using) and orange juice. Add sliced fruit and let sit for a few minutes to combine flavors. When ready to serve, add the seltzer and cranberry ice cubes.

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Christina Bowe
May 27, 2009 | Christina Bowe

Upcoming festivals and events

By Christina Bowe, Wholesale Sales Manager

With the warm weather comes the days of festivals and outside events for Heron Hill Winery. It’s amazing how many different venues and requests I get to taste and display our award-winning wines.

When thinking about my upcoming blog entry; I thought about some of the interesting adventures you might want to look for over the Summer.

By Water

Old Forge Lake Cruises, which sails out of Old Forge, NY will be kicking off their season on June 5th for their first wine and food pairing. Heron Hill will be on board to cruise the Fulton Chain of Lakes and give the history of the winery along with a wine and food pairing experience. Check out the website at www.oldforgecruises.com. This is going to be a unique adventure and should be loads of fun! We will be returning in the Fall for a foliage cruise.


The Mary Jemison which leaves out of the Cornhill Dock, in Rochester, NY cruises the canal with a local restaurant and winery on board for a scenic cruise with a food and wine pairing. This not-for-profit organization has another boat (The Sam Patch) that leaves out of Pittsford in Shoen Place. Schedules have not been made yet for 2009, but we’re hoping to be back on board this season.

By Rail

Adirondack Scenic Railroad kicked off their wine trains last year and has been a huge success. This nonprofit organization offers passengers an unlimited New York wine tasting, New York State cheeses and light refreshments as well as a complimentary Uncork NY wine glass. The Adirondack Scenic Railroad offers many different scenic excursions departing from Utica's beautifully restored Union Station, which is an impressive station in itself. Heron Hill wines can be purchased for an additional fee by the glass or share a bottle with your friends, while you sit back and view beautiful scenery while riding the rails. Last year’s events included a Blues Train that departed from the Thendara Station in Old Forge. Check out their website at www.adirondackrr.com.

By Car

The Rochester Public Market has been in operation since 1827, making it one of the oldest continuously operating farmers' markets in the nation. Heron Hill is proudly the first Finger Lakes winery to be displayed, tasted and sold at the market for the past 15 years. Over the years new wineries have come and gone, however, Heron Hill remains a constant on Saturdays from May 1st until the last weekend of the year. Come taste some wine or buy that special bottle for dinner that evening.

Sterling Renaissance Festival is always an exciting thing to do for the summer. It is conveniently located just to the left of the Gift Shoppe as you enter from the parking area. Each weekend the Festival's wine tasting booth will showcase 4 wineries, which means that over the course of the 2009 Festival season, you could sample great wines from 28 separate vineyards. You'll be able to purchase wine by the bottle.


Over the Summer and the Fall there are many festivals which bring the New Wines together with New York products. These food and wine festivals are a fantastic way to support your local farmers, wineries and food purveyors. Check for any local events, and check them out, they can be a lot of fun! I am still looking for the event aboard a private jet or a cruise in the Caribbean, but haven’t been contacted yet.

To be kept up-to-date on Heron Hill’s upcoming events, sign up to be our friend on Facebook (which is updated regularly) or check out our webpage at www.heronhill.com. Have a great Summer and I hope to see you on the road…..

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